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Debunking Common Myths About Medications


As we experience several threats to our health due to global health issues, such as COVID-19 and the common illnesses we catch every day, it is essential to have proper medication and awareness in the said field. However, even though we are already in the advanced state of healthcare, some people still believe in misconceptions about prescription drugs which can be alarming nowadays.

To prevent this, here’s a list of common myths that need debunking:

Myth: Over-the-counter medications are safer than prescription Medications.

Fact: All medications, including those sold without a prescription, have the potential to harm people. Taking more than the recommended dose can result in serious side effects like stomach bleeding and liver or kidney problems.

Myth: Children can take smaller doses of adult medications.

Fact: Children are not small adults when it comes to medications. Children and adults may react differently to the same medicine. Antihistamines, for example, cause drowsiness in adults but may cause hyperactivity in children. Children may require lower doses than adults; however, in some cases, children require higher doses than adults. Thus, seeking Pharmacy Care in Tennessee is vital in this situation.

Myth: Splitting pills is always a risk-free method of saving money.

Fact: Consumers, particularly seniors, frequently split pills to save money. However, this can disrupt the medications’ essential properties. Some medications, for example, have a time-release property that is destroyed when a pill is cut, reducing the medication’s safety.

Having all these myths get debunked, everyone needs to take note of these when buying medicines in WELLSPRING PHARMACY AND MEDICAL SUPPLY.

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