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Before You Drink Alkaline Water, You Must Read This First!


When you buy bottled waters, do you notice the words “pH level”? If you do not know what this term means, it refers to the scale that determines the acidity or basicity of a certain liquid. Pure water usually sits at 7, which is neutral. If the scale tilts to zero, a certain liquid is quite acidic. If the scale is leaning towards 14, then the same is considered alkaline water.

Speaking of alkaline water, it has garnered fame over the years because marketing companies brand it as something good for the health. This may hold some truth to it, but drinking alkaline water without proper caution may cause unwanted complications. To save yourself from any health risks, Wellspring Pharmacy and Medical Supply will teach you some of the basic things about it. Our experience and expertise about Alkaline Water in Smyrna, TN could be helpful to you.

Alkaline water might have worked beautifully for others, but it may not for you. Before taking even a single sip, learn these essential facts from Wellspring Pharmacy and Medical Supply first:

  • Claims regarding its health benefits are poorly supported

    While you may see on social media the wonders of alkaline water, the same is yet scientifically pronounced. The available research materials are still scarce. We still have to wait a bit more for the scientists to draw a definitive conclusion.

  • It can be produced artificially

    The procedure is named electrolysis. An apparatus called “ionizer” is utilized to raise the pH level of regular water. But note that naturally occurring alkaline water do exist. When running water passes through rock formations, it becomes charged with electrolytes.

  • Not all commercially produced alkaline waters are FDA-approved

    Do not purchase alkaline water from shady manufacturers. As discussed earlier, alkaline water may trigger health risks when taken in an inappropriate amount. If the one you bought is chemically imbalanced and worse, not sanitarily manufactured, you are openly inviting diseases to take over.

  • It can make you a bit uncomfortable

    When drunk, alkaline water lowers down acidic reactions from within. This can be very helpful especially when neutralizing acid reflux. However, too much alkalinity can disturb the normal pH levels of the body. As a result, one can experience dizziness, vomiting, and hand tremors.

  • People with weak kidneys might develop a problem

    Our kidney’s main function is the filtration of the blood. If it is impaired, the bulk of nutrients alkaline water brings may make the kidney struggle even more. Compounds like calcium, magnesium, and potassium can be hard to absorb and filter.

Take note that alkaline water is akin to a supplement: it only works best when paired with proper diet and regular exercise. Depending on it solely will not create as much difference. Please consult with a medical professional first before taking further actions.

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